Junior Squash DRAFT

About the Program

This program is designed to introduce the game of Squash to children between 4 and 17 years old as well as further develop High Performance players.

This program would introduce them to a wonderful sport that provides health and fitness benefits along with a greater sense of self accomplishments, competitive spirit, discipline and pride.

Learn to play squash, improve your game and have fun ! The Junior Program will include techniques, tactics, footwork, basics of being a referee, conditioned games and fun match play.

Squash also provides an alternative athletic experience for students who are not involved in team sports, or who may desire to develop other athletic skills in addition to those offered by hockey, football, soccer, basketball, etc. Squash also has a proven track record as an excellent sport for students who enjoy individual competition.

You can have your kid(s) try it out for free the first time (You don’t have to be a member of the club to join the Junior Squash Program).

We have racquets and goggles (eye protection) in case you don’t have any. Just need to bring non-marking indoor shoes and lots of energy!

Reinaldo Rivas
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 289-278-0080 – (feel free to leave me a voicemail if I can’t answer your call)
Club’s Number: 905-884-6062
Club’s Manager email: [email protected]

Richmond Hill Squash Club
377 Ohio Road
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3A1

Training Plans

Dear Parents & Players:

In the last few months I have been working an opportunity in the Junior Squash Program we are running at the Club, to make it even better. As many will agree with me, one or two days a week for some of our top Juniors is not enough to help them reach that higher level. While sharing some experiences and ideas with coaches from other countries, it prompted me to put in place this project I want to share with you.

This is probably  not a new or “revolutionary” idea, however, it will be affordable, personalized, progressive and unique Training Plan to complement the Junior Squash Program. More importantly, it will give structure and something for your kids to follow while not on court with the program.

The Weekly Training Plan is with the intent to help, complement and develop the following:

  • Player’s skills: with Solo drills and/or drills with a partner.
  • “Court Fitness”: with “on-court” fitness exercises to help with endurance, speed and footwork. i.e Court sprints, Ghosting, etc.
  • Body Strengthening: with exercises to help build body & core strength.

How would it work?

  • Will start with you completing this very quick SURVEY
  • Based on the survey results, will build those Training Plans, pulling from a database of exercises and drills that I am currently working on and with your and your kid’s collaboration and feedback, it will become more robust and complete.
  • Each individual Training Plan will be in a PDF format file (and very easy to print), with room as well for the players to keep track of their progress ( to record times, difficulty, etc).
  • Once the Training Plan is completed, I will generate the next Training Plan (on Sundays) after the player have completed this quick SURVEY so we can adjust their Training Plan based on their feedback.

What is the cost?

Although I have considered not charging if you are part of the RHSC Junior Squash Program, there are 3 factors that I have to consider:

  • Time that will take me prepare the weekly plans.
  • “Free” Training Plans to parents/players might not drive the commitment to ensure completion of it.
  • Over 30 years of experience teaching the sport.

The cost will be $5.00 for each Training Plan ($14.00 for non-RSHC Junior Squash Program players)

(NOTE: For now, these plans are for players in the the ELITE and ADVANCED levels)

Training Plan LINKS

Initial SURVEY

Completion SURVEY

Ladder Rules

– Matches will be played during the Junior Program hours (normally towards the end of the hour).
– Players can CHALLENGE another player on the same level or 1 level above.
– Players can on only play ONE  Challenge match on any given day.
– Players will play ONE game to 11 pts. Point a rally and win by difference of 2 points.
– If the lower-placed player wins the match, then the two players swap places on the ladder, otherwise no change in the order.
– A player can not challenge the same person again without challenging someone else.
– Will encourage those not playing the Challenge, to learn and help keep score.
– If some one doesn’t play a single challenge within a month, they will be removed from the ladder until they express they want back in.
New Players will be allowed to join the ladder at anytime and will placed in a Level at the discretion of the Coaches
– The Junior Ladder will run at NO additional cost. However, you must be in good standing and players must be currently participating in the RHSC Junior Program in either Elite, Advanced or Intermediate Levels.

Junior Program News