Squash Training Plans

Behind the Program

Recently I identified an opportunity in the Junior Squash Program we are running at the our Club to make it even better. As many will agree with me, one or two days a week for some of our top Juniors is not enough to help them reach that higher level. While sharing some experiences and ideas with coaches from other countries, it prompted me to put in place this project I want to share with you.

This is probably  not a new or “revolutionary” idea, however, it will be affordable, personalized, progressive and unique Training Plan to complement any Squash Program, Lessons, etc that you run at your club.

If you are not the coach, but the individual that wants to do more to get better, this is also certainly for you.

The Squash Training Plan will give the players structure and something for them to follow while not on court with their coach.

The Training Plan is intended to help, complement and develop the following:

  • Player’s skills: with Solo drills and/or drills with a partner.
  • “Court Fitness”: with “on-court” fitness exercises to help with endurance, speed and footwork. i.e Court sprints, Ghosting, etc.
  • Body Strengthening: with exercises to help build body & core strength.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

How it Works?

It is very simple:

  • Will start with you completing this very quick SURVEY
  • Based on the what you have entered in the Survey, I will build those Training Plans, pulling from a database of exercises and drills that I am continuously adding more .
  • Each individual Training Plan will be in a PDF format file (and very easy to print), with room as well for the players to keep track of their progress (to record times, difficulty, etc).
  • Once the Training Plan is completed, I will generate the next Training Plan (on Sundays) after the player have completed this quick SURVEY so we can adjust their Training Plan based on their feedback.

What is the cost?

What is the cost?

There are 3 factors that I have to consider for the cost:

  • Time that will take me prepare each personalized and unique plans.
  • “Free” Training Plans might not drive the commitment to ensure completion of it.
  • Over 30 years of experience teaching the sport.

The cost will be $14.00 for each Training Plan: This means that if for example, it takes you a month to complete a program or if you want to do the same exercises for a month, then you would only pay $14.00. But if you are very eager and want to have new exercises and increase difficulty (or reduce it), then you would pay 14.00 for a new plan as frequently as you want.

  • There is NO time commitment (it is pay as you go)
  • No credit card needed
  • Payments can be done via e-transfer (if in Canada) or via PayPal

(NOTE: For now, these plans are for players in the the Intermediate and Advanced levels)

What's Next?

You can download a FREE Demo Training Plan to give you an idea of what to expect (See below for free Demo Training Plan)

You can also fill this very quick Survey to receive your first Personalized Training Plan and no cost: SURVEY

Once you have completed your first Personalized Training Plan, fill the Completion SURVEY  to receive your next Training Plan (moving forward you can pay via e-transfer if in Canada o via PayPal)

Download a FREE demo today !

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The Training Plan

Once you download the FREE demo or when you receive your first FREE personalized plan, you will see the following:

Remember you will get out of this plan as much as you put into it. You can take a look at it now and if you have questions, you can ask always reach out via email.

Couple of important things:

  • Very Important for you to go over the GENERAL INFORMATION page every time (before, during and after your training)
  • At the TOP RIGHT of your workout days, you will see the following information:
    • Type of Exercises you will be doing that day: i.e. Drills with partner & Court Fitness”
    • Program #. Every time a new Plan is created for you, that number will be increasing. This number also you need as you fill out the completion survey.

  • On any given day, you will see the information below.
    • The Exercise you need to do. They all start with a letter (A. B , C).
    • Follow the “Instructions” on how to perform the Exercises and keep in mind the “Rest” time is suggested in between each “Set” or change of sides (i.e. changing sides on drills).
    • You also have suggested number of “Sets”, which means how many times you need to do the exercise.
    • “Reps” is either the suggested time to perform a drill or number of repetitions is suggested you do for that exercise.
    • Some exercises will show up in “BLUE”. That means there is a link to an image or video to give you a better idea of the exercise. Suggest you go over those BEFORE you start your workout. (Links are mobile friendly)

  • Right after the exercises, you will find a section to write (if you have printed the Training Plan) and track for example your times when doing Court Fitness or any other comment or feedback you would like to share back.